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ISO/IEC27001 consulting - audit preparation 

Information security is now vital to the operation and survival of companies. Obtaining ISO/IEC 27001 certification helps you manage and protect valuable information.



ISO/IEC 27001 is a verifiable international standard that defines the order and documentation of information management within the organization by establishing an Information Security Management System. The purpose of the standard is to ensure that appropriate and proportionate security controls are selected. The application of the management system  helps to protect information and the tools that manage it and to convince interested parties, especially customers, that the certified organization provides adequate protection for the business and personal data it manages._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


With the help of the standard, you can deepen information security and reduce the potential risk of fraud, data loss and disclosure.

Who do we recommend?
  • From whom a customer demands.

  • Anyone who wants to gain a market advantage by presenting the certificate.

  • You manage a lot of business and personal data and are afraid of the consequences of GDPR or NIS. 

  • Those who wish to fully comply with the requirements of Article 32 during the application of the GDPR.

Those who use it most often
  • Financial organizations

  • Healthcare organizations

  • Software developers

  • IT operators 

  • Handlers of large amounts of personal data

  • Organizations employing the above organizations as subcontractors

ISO 27001 certification milestones 
  • 1-3 months of preparation - depending on the size of the company, it can be longer

  • Release of regulations 

  • IBIR operation and documentation of evidence

  • Carrying out internal audits, drawing lessons from the first round of optimization

  • Independent certification

  • Annual review

Result product - With success award
  • We also accept a success fee for part of the costs. You only have to pay the preparation success fee if, at the end of the certification audit, the auditor closes the audit with a certification recommendation.

  • Turnkey documented information security management system.

  • On-site support during audits.

Why Gill & Murry?

We not only apply ISO 27001, but also teach and train auditors since 2012. If we prepare it, it is even possible that the auditor will address our preparation consultants as "Teacher".  The information security market is not very large and is significantly intertwined with the data protection and GDPR market. During the 27001 preparation, we always take GDPR requirements into account, cooperate with the organization's GDPR consultant and optimize the use of resources.

We have passed many successful certifications, and maintain good personal relationships with the certification companies. We know the loopholes and use them as needed for the benefit of our customers. 


We know the requirements of ISO 9001, if we create an integrated system for our customers. During the introduction, with the help of our IT and process organization experience, we recommend changes that affect the current operation of the organization as little as possible, but help the achievement of anti-corruption goals as much as possible.


We can help you obtain ISO/IEC27001 certification. 

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