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Do you run an online store? Do you manage the data of your contractual partners? If you store names and addresses in a list (excel), the GDPR applies to you and your organization. In practice, you can get to know the review of old databases, the development of new data management information texts, the steps of carrying out an impact assessment and risk analysis. We interpret the requirements of the regulation together, and in practice we show the steps to build the minimum and optimal personal data management system.


In the training, through practical examples, you can get to know the steps of performing the registration system, documentation, impact analysis and information tasks required by the GDPR law.


The purpose of the training is to train data protection officers (DPOs) who are able to independently prepare an organization/office for compliance with the GDPR law and prepare the necessary documentation.


In preparing the training material, we took into account the requirements of the GDPR regulation, the significant changes that have taken place in recent years in the recommendations of IT management systems and information security expectations, changes in regulations, as well as the recommendations of the MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standard and COBIT 5.0.

2023. év képzési időpontok

2023. május 22-23.

2023. szeptember 18-19.

Who is it recommended for - Who is it mandatory for?
  • Those who handle personal data in any form

  • For owners, developers and operators of online stores

  • For software developers whose products manage data

  • For data protection officers of healthcare, financial and public administration organizations

  • For managers of organizations providing IT services

Participants of our trainings, most often
  • Public Service Data Protection Officers

  • Managers of online stores

  • SME executives

  • Operational directors of economic organizations

  • Managers responsible for information security of state organizations

  • IT managers

  • Information Security Managers

Training exercises 
  • We illustrate the GDPR expectations learned in theory with extensive examples from various economic and public service areas.

  • We show practical examples of the implementation of individual GDPR requirements:

  • Example Data management statement

  • Mandatory data management record examples

  • Impact analysis

  • Data Transfer Register

Training participants after completing the training
  • They know the requirements of the GDPR regulation

  • They are able to determine the purpose and legal basis of data management

  • They are able to perform an impact analysis of data management processes managed by an organization

  • They are able to perform GDPR data cleaning of previously created databases

  • They are able to perform the role of data protection officer within the organization

  • They know the steps to create a data management system in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR regulation

Képernyőfotó 2022-02-17 - 18.20.52.png
  • Basic data management concepts, data management principles

  • Basic concepts of information security

  • The legal basis for data management

  • Data management information

  • Impact assessment and risk analysis methodology

  • Data Controller and Data Processing Rights and Obligations 

  • Transfer of data to a 3rd party or to a 3rd country

  • Complete deletion implementation

  • Profile creation

  • Description of the GDPR regulation

  • Development of a documentation system

  • Practical examples

  • Examination

Complete our training courses online

Training from your home! All our training courses are available via video link. With the help of Microsoft Teams, we make our marked trainings available remotely. 


All you will have to do is enter the online broadcast after completing the 2-3 steps described in the documentation you received before the training with the help of an online video connection (suitable for using online movies or YouTube).


We continuously take the training with two cameras: One camera will broadcast the slides and the other camera will broadcast the speaker.  


You will continuously hear and see the lecture and the questions of the students. You can also ask your questions about what was said in writing, to which the lecturer will answer at regular intervals during the blocks. 


1 person
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 99,000 + VAT

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

2 Main
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 188,100 + VAT

5% discount

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

Online participation
  • Educational material

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 91,000 + VAT/main

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

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