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Zsolt Sándor


He helps our partners with his many years of company management and business process organization experience gained in trading, software development, operating and manufacturing companies. He worked at Graphisoft, Bentley, IT hardware wholesaler and was the managing director of Panda Software (Panada Security) for more than 10 years. 


As a preparer and consultant, he participated in numerous GDPR consulting and ISO preparation projects for well-known companies such as Audi, AxelSpringer, Continental and Greenpeace.


As the head of our company, you not only participate in the consulting processes, but also provide professional control to consulting colleagues in the GDPR, information security or business continuity consulting processes.

He holds several ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 lead auditor qualifications, but also has the authority to teach ISO 22301, ISO 20000, ITIL and GDPR. In the field of training, he participates in the development of training themes and as an instructor of many trainings, so our clients can meet Zsolt at the IRCA ISO 27001 audit training. 


In addition to his degree in engineering and pedagogy, he is a successful sportsman, two-time European champion sailing competitor and ski instructor.


Attila Kovács


He is a pillar member of our consulting business. In addition to his ISO 9001 lead auditor qualification, we also often use his management and software development experience during projects. GDPR BlackBelt performs expert and priority work in the examination of related legal documents. You can meet Attila in preparation and certification projects, as well as in the field of business consulting.


Pető Patrik
office manager


Patrik assists Gill & Murry's consulting and training activities for senior consultants and trainers. If you call our office, you will most often contact Partik. If you want to contact us and inquire about one of our services, sign up for a training session or request a quote, Patrik will most likely contact you first. 


Pál Dobosi
GDPR trainer


Pál has many years of experience in the field of training and education. Although he has a degree in IT and engineering, he now prefers to deal with the development of organizations and processes, and something with adult education. His area of expertise is GDPR, so you can often meet him at GDPR basic courses and advanced courses.


Krisztina Bognár


He helps our partners with his experience in commerce, web commerce, software development, and many years of company management and business process organization. He also ran and sold several of his own web businesses. He also worked in IT hardware wholesale, retail, non-profit organization and sports management.


As a preparer and consultant, he participated in numerous GDPR consulting and ISO preparation projects.


His area of expertise is GDPR and information security, but he also holds ISO 9001, ISO 22301 lead auditor qualifications.


In addition to his professional preparation, he is an outstanding tennis player.

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