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We repeat the most important elements of the GDPR regulation. We interpret the requirements of the regulation based on the Authority's practice since its introduction. We analyze the administrative compliance requirements of GDPR compliance through real case studies. We will discuss and identify the GDPR-related tasks and problems that may arise in your organization when using different communication marketing channels. 


In each area, we will show you how to create information and documentation that meets the expectations, and how to solve the problems that arise. We help you interpret IT questions and make suggestions on what a marketing professional should ask (say) from the IT operator when using each device.

2023. év képzési időpontok

2023. május 24-25.

2023. szeptember 20-21.

Who do we recommend?
  • For those who want to continue their commercial and marketing communications legally but effectively after the introduction of the GDPR.

  • For data protection officers (DPOs) who are interested in technical tips and tricks, practical examples related to the GDPR marketing aspect.

  • Those who are not only open to "shouldn't" solutions, but also to "how to" solutions.

Participants of our trainings, most often
  • Marketing managers,

  • Marketing Managers,

  • Web store managers,

  • SME executives,

  • Commercial Managers,

  • Traders.

Workshop methodology
  • Through real examples for each topic, we show what specific tasks need to be implemented.

  • Each participant will receive an editable data management information sheet, which we will customize together during the workshop.

  • We answer the personalization questions and needs of the participants.

Training participants after completing the training
  • They are able to implement GDPR-compliant newsletters, marketing communications and personal data collection according to the needs of their own organization.

  • They know the possibilities and are able to decide the business risk of each application.

  • They know the minimal IT implications of an electronic marketing activity.

Képernyőfotó 2022-02-17 - 18.20.52.png
  • Preparation of interest assessment documentation in practice 

    • Camera, newsletter, event photo

  • Documentation of a data protection incident in the NAIH template and online

  • Impact analysis in training

  • Sending newsletters without consent

  • Joint analysis of data management situations

  • Salad tr. consequences of its changes.

    • Labor Affairs, Camera, 

  • First review methodology

  • GDPR compliance of subcontractors

  • Practical examples

  • Examination

Complete our training courses online

Training from your home! All our training courses are available via video link. With the help of Microsoft Teams, we make our marked trainings available remotely. 


All you will have to do is enter the online broadcast after completing the 2-3 steps described in the documentation you received before the training with the help of an online video connection (suitable for using online movies or YouTube).


We continuously take the training with two cameras: One camera will broadcast the slides and the other camera will broadcast the speaker.  


You will continuously hear and see the lecture and the questions of the students. You can also ask your questions about what was said in writing, to which the lecturer will answer at regular intervals during the blocks. 


1 person
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 99,000 + VAT

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

2 Main
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 188,100 + VAT

5% discount

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

Online participation
  • Educational material

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 91,000 + VAT/main

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 15,000 + VAT/person

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