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GDPR awareness training

It is worthwhile to regularly educate colleagues who handle personal data and to update previously acquired GDPR knowledge.

Based on the requirements of Article 32 of the GDPR regulation, every organization must implement protection proportionate to risks during personal data management. 


The employees of the organization pose a risk from the point of view of data management until they have received adequate training on the data management rules described by the organization, the information security rules and the requirements of the GDPR. 


The previously acquired GDPR knowledge becomes obscured over time, which is a breeding ground for errors. It is worthwhile to regularly train colleagues who handle personal data and to refresh previously acquired knowledge.

The basic concepts of the GDPR are already known to many, but the Data Protection Authority is constantly publishing new resolutions and several legal changes have affected data management rules since the introduction of the GDPR.  



1-50 people 

€150 + VAT

In case of landing outside Pest county: €50 + VAT

51-100 people

€220 + VAT

In case of landing outside Pest county: +€50 + VAT

101+ people

€350 + VAT

In case of landing outside Pest county: +€50 + VAT


  • Basic elements of GDPR

  • Legal bases of data management

  • Fulfillment of stakeholder requests

  • Basic concepts of information security

  • Data management of camera systems

  • Data management of employees

  • GPS Tracking 

  • Relevant elements of the Info Act

  • Learning lessons from punishments

Who do we recommend?

We recommend our service to those who have already implemented the GDPR and had their last training more than a year ago. Also for those organizations that have not yet held GDPR training for their employees.


The training will be held at your company at a pre-arranged time. The teaching takes place in the framework of a frontal presentation in everyday language that is easy to understand. 

Why Gill & Murry?

We have more than 20 years of information security and management experience. We have already participated in several GDPR preparations and are constantly preparing organizations in several areas of industry, trade, manufacturing, logistics, and the public sector. 


During GDPR preparation, we look for solutions from a business point of view that do not hinder the basic activities of the organization or that can be introduced with the smallest possible changes, but meet the requirements of the GDPR. 

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