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Analysis of Home Office work efficiency

What is interesting is not how many hours the employee spends in front of the machine, but what the intensity of the work is.


In most evenings, an organization's IT infrastructure is not optimized for home office work. Due to the large increase in working from home, it is worth examining what needs to be changed in order for colleagues' work to remain efficient. 


As part of our basic service, we use software to measure which applications the employees used with what intensity and when.

The results are double-checked because a development engineer, a financial assistant, a sales colleague or a marketing copywriter use computer tools in different ways.


By comparing the activities of employees performing the same tasks, the differences can already be seen, and the performance of the organization as a whole can be improved by highlighting the elements of best practice.


By the way the management receives accurate data from  about work intensity and time use of colleagues.


Legal background for the introduction of the system: in 2019, when the GDPR was introduced, the Labor Code was amended, which currently contains the following:

"11/A. § (1) The employee's behavior related to the employment relationship can be monitored. Within this framework, the employer can also use a technical device, the employee will be informed of this in advance in writing." 
This paragraph provides an opportunity for any organization to check employees. Of course, GDPR and labor law information and administration must be carried out, in which we provide support if needed. 


  • Colleagues pay more attention during the measurement, efficiency is already improving.

  • You can learn the best way of working from outstanding colleagues of some groups.

  • Colleagues with above-average performance can be helped through development.

  • The management can decide on the reorganization of processes based not only on time-based data, but also on the basis of work intensity measurement data.

  • The management can keep the home office work under control.

Who do we recommend?

For companies where a significant number of colleagues work in a home office environment. Significant process optimization can already be achieved with 50+ employees. Only the control functionality gives valuable results from even 1 employee.


We remotely install a data collection module on workstations. The data collector sends the measured data to our smart machines in the computing center in an encrypted form. The basic evaluation of the collected data is performed automatically by the software.


You can access device and software usage data on a web interface. Which applications the organization uses with what intensity - broken down by group or even by employee. 


We implement and evaluate additional measurements based on individual needs. Based on the collected data, our process planning colleagues make suggestions for the availability of individual data groups or the transformation of individual workflows. 

Why Gill & Murry?

By default, we deal with process organization and optimization, as well as ISO and GDPR compliance training and related services. 

We are looking for a solution to the home office challenges that meets the information security expectations of the time and GDPR requirements.

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