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The continuous functionality of an organization depends on the preparedness of the infrastructure and business processes in the event of breakdowns and disasters.


In today's world, information technology is already so deeply woven into the operation of most organizations that it has become necessary to extend business continuity from the area of production and services to IT systems as well.


The purpose of business continuity planning is to

  • the operation of the organization's business processes should be carried out with the greatest possible availability, but at optimal costs;

  • in the event of a stoppage of business processes or a disaster, action plans should be prepared that enable the elimination of failures in order of importance.

Who do we recommend?

We recommend the training to those who:

  • business impact analysis (Business Impact Analysis)

  • risk analysis

  • business continuity plan (Business Continuity Plan)

  • they must prepare a disaster recovery plan (Disaster Recovery Plane).

Participants of our trainings, most often
  • IT managers

  • Production managers

  • Quality management managers

  • Senior managers

Training exercises 

In most cases, the practical examples deal with IT and engineering cases. Our goal is to demonstrate the business continuity of IT systems through practical examples.

Training participants after completing the training
  • They learn about the purpose of the Business Continuity Management System (ÜFIR), its basic principles, processes and applied techniques,

  • They learn about the purpose and content of the ISO 22301 standard

  • They will be able to prepare a BIA, BPC and DRP plan

  • They can plan the preparation of an organization for auditing according to the ISO 22301 standard

Képernyőfotó 2022-02-17 - 18.20.52.png
  • Basic principles of process control

  • Business process definition

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities

  • Risk analysis methodology

  • Business impact analysis calculation methodology

  • Creating a business continuity plan in practice

  • Creating a disaster prevention plan in practice

  • Testing and documentation methods

Complete our training courses online

Training from your home! All our training courses are available via video link. With the help of Microsoft Teams, we make our marked trainings available remotely. 


All you will have to do is enter the online broadcast after completing the 2-3 steps described in the documentation you received before the training with the help of an online video connection (suitable for using online movies or YouTube).


We continuously take the training with two cameras: One camera will broadcast the slides and the other camera will broadcast the speaker.  


You will continuously hear and see the lecture and the questions of the students. You can also ask your questions about what was said in writing, to which the presenter will answer at regular intervals during the blocks. 


1 person
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 174,000 + VAT

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 30,000 + VAT/person

2 Main
  • Educational material

  • Lunch

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 330,600 + VAT

5% discount

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 30,000 + VAT/person

Online participation
  • Educational material

  • Examination fee

  • Certificate

HUF 158,000 + VAT/main

Optional CERTOP certificate HUF 30,000 + VAT/person

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