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ISO/IEC27701:2019 - preparation

Prove that your organization has done everything to protect personal data!


One of the standards created by the ISO system for the management of personal data. We can say that GDPR ISO certification. It is not a full GDPR audit as there is none yet, this is one of the first independent certifications close to GDPR.


Those who have this can prove with independent certification that they have done everything possible to protect personal data.


ISO 27701 is based on the requirements, control objectives and controls of ISO 27001 and includes a set of data protection specific requirements, controls and control objectives.  Contains a number of recommendations for the data protection implementation of Annex "A" of ISO 27001.


In addition, both data controllers and all that data processorsFor  , he records the checks to be performed in a separate attachment.


Advantages of ISO / IEC 27701

  • Builds trust in the management of personal data 

  • It ensures transparency between stakeholders 

  • Promotes effective business agreements 

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities 

  • Supports data protection compliance 

  • It provides a clean, clear framework for complying with the personal data management requirements of the GDPR

Who do we recommend?
  • The ISO 27701 standard is designed to be used by all data controllers and processors.

  • It can be applied to organizations of all types and sizes, including public and private enterprises, public organizations and non-profit organizations.

  • Like ISO 27001, it advocates a risk-based approach so that all relevant organizations address specific and personal data risks.

Those who use it most often

Organizations that want to demonstrate through independent certification that they have done everything possible to comply with the GDPR. 

ISO 27701 certification

Those who already have 27001 certification "only" need to document the management of personal data, but it is also possible to obtain ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001 certification together.

Result product

Auditing of GDPR preparedness through ISO lenses by an independent certifier. The likelihood that the Authority will impose a data protection fine on the organizer is significantly reduced.

Why Gill & Murry?

We have more than 20 years of information security and management experience, including significant experience in ISO 27001 implementations. We have already participated in numerous GDPR preparations and are constantly preparing organizations in several areas of industry, trade, manufacturing, logistics, and the public sector.


With the help of our information technology and process organization experience, we recommend changes that affect the current operation of the organization as little as possible, but help to achieve the goals set for the protection of personal data as much as possible.


We can help you obtain ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certification. 

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